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HOT off the press--1996 AEA Catalog

AEA's new 1996 Catalog is off the press and mailed. The catalog explains the capabilities and features of all AEA products including data controllers, software, antennas, antenna analysts, remote radio controllers, and keyers. Upgrade information is also included. AEA added 16 versions and products in 1995, so this catalog has information in it you may not have known. If you did not receive an AEA catalog in the mail, you can get one free by calling our 24-hour Literature Request Line at (206)712-8054.

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"The Mode Warrior"

DSP-232 Multi-Mode Data Controller

Advanced Electronic Applications is proud to introduce the latest addition to our high-quality line of data controllers--the DSP-232. With the DSP-232, we've combined the power of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology with affordability. AEA's new DSP-232 offers all the popular modes--including 9600 bps VHF packet. There are 17 modems in all, including the two BPSK satellite modems. There are even high and low FSK tone pairs for international use.

Excellent filtering is a hallmark of AEA multi-mode data controllers, but the DSP-232 goes a step beyond. Incoming analog signals are decoded and converted into digital data in the Digital Signal Processing chip. Now, this step is nothing new -- this is in essence a DSP "front-end". What is revolutionary about the DSP-232 is that the actual modems are coded into the Digital Signal Processor chip. So, where other manufacturers take a digitized signal then run it through an analog modem; AEA takes a digitized signal and runs it through a digital modem. Using digital modems provides higher HF and VHF performance compared to analog modems. Why do other TNCs digitize data and then run it through an analog modem? Lack of processor speed.

AEA can fully utilize Digital Signal Processing technology because of the chips we chose to use. The DSP-232 was designed using the fast 32-bit Motorola 68340 as the host processor and the Analog Devices 2105 DSP processor. This powerful combination will allow the DSP-232 to handle new digital modes, like PACTOR II in the future. Combined with hardware memory ARQ, HDLC, and state machine DCD, the DSP-232 offers unmatched performance for HF or VHF digital communication. There are even powerful new commands, like TWIST, which optimize modem performance and the AUTOTHR command which automatically adjusts the threshold for you. These are just a few examples of what a DSP-based data controller can do and AEA has many other features in the works. For more information call AEA 24-Hour Literature Request Line. Stay tuned here for future DSP-232 information.

DSP-232 Specifications

Modem: Analog Devices 2105 Digital Signal Processor running at 12.3 MHz in conjunction with Analog Devices 28msp02 audio codec (analog to digital/digital to analog converter).
Modulator Output Level: 5-100 mV RMS, adjustable with rear panel controls for each radio port.
Processor System: Motorola 68340 running at 16.7 MHz.
RAM: battery-backed 32K standard, expandable to 128 and 256K.
ROM: 128K standard, expandable to 256K.
Hardware HDLC: Zilog 8530 SCC
Power Requirements: +13 VDC (+12 to + 16) @ 1A
Radio Interface: One 5-pin DIN & one 8-pin DIN connector
Direct FSK outputs: Normal/Reverse
Auxiliary Port: 5-pin DIN
Terminal Interface: RS-232-C DB-9S with hardware/software handshake
Terminal Data Rates: 300, 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, and 19,200 bps
RX Audio: Port 1 and Port 2
TX Level: Port 1, Port 2, and 9600 bps
Dimensions: 9.35"W x 7.90"D x 2.30"H
Weight: 3 lbs

DSP-232 Modes of Operation:
9600 & 1200 bps VHF Packet HF Packet
Pactor Amtor/Sitor

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