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Master DJ Company Background- (Established 1975)

The Master D.J. Company™ is comprised of professionally trained night-club D.J.s from Massachusetts who started in 1975. All of our skills are attributed from college engineering knowledge, and the mentoring of famous Billboard Magazine awarded D.J.'s.  

The only way to become a proficient D.J. was through an apprenticeship method.  This meant watching one of the leading record company signed D.J.'s all night in the corner of their D.J. booth. You asked technical questions until you proved your expertise, so that you could be allowed to spin for the first time in front of 1,000's of dancers. Your deliverable (dance mix) determined whether you were allowed to continue spinning, or be requested to leave the D.J. booth. A passing "dance mix" was when the dancers couldn't tell the song had changed. 

You were expected to keep the floor energized without a lost dancer between most mixes. This usually took 6 months or more before you passed from apprentice to becoming a Master D.J.™. Unfortunately this level of training is not available to the young D.J.'s today. They are unable to attain these engineering skills practicing in the garage, or home without the use of modern electronics. Most of the needed skill set for sound engineering is slowly fading away from the club environment with mentors retiring, or passing away. This method was very selective in it’s candidates, and has long since ceased to be in existence.  

This is when variable speed turntables did not exist, and speed differentiations were made by utilizing different size shot glasses from the bar. You had one speed from your motor drive, and it was up to you to improvise for the lack of electronics. This enabled you to change between songs of different speeds.  You controlled the mood and atmosphere every night by changing the sound levels in the club. You became the doorman's best tool to reduce outbreaks of fights, and disputes. This sometimes made you the matchmaker for future potential engagements, as one night-club d.j. did for me paving my path to marriage.

With over 30 years of individual customer service you can be assured that a family friendly music format will be played, at reasonable sound levels.


We do not tell you what music we have, or usually play; rather we work much like a painter to paint the room in the colors you wish.

Master D.J. Technology Time Line


1975-1998                     19982003   
                 Turntable           Variable CD and MP3 Music

                             Heard on radio station

Company Owner- Mathew Vangel

    Mathew Vangel- home relaxing with Japanese Koi after recent wedding function

    Master Disc-Jockey™- Mathew Vangel    
                                       " The Wedding D.J.

    Primary Function Disc-Jockey and Founder- since 1975  
                       Original Boston Record Pool Member

There are many people that attempt to copy the Master DJname, while being unsuccessful at replicating our level service. Being known from our specialty wedding services our title as "The Wedding D.J. SM" comes from 30 years of listening to the customer, and delivering our promises to the customer.  Each wedding function is individually programmed to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction.  Our customer functions will never experience the same songs played, or the same "one-size- fits-all" sound system. 

Master DJprovides over 32 hours of free engineering labor to create your music programming, arrangement, sound proof-listening, and the creation of multiple redundant sound systems to provide you with an extremely low incident rate of .99999%.  This level of service ensures that the special song you picked will be played on-time with no excuses.  

Master DJarrives many hours before the start of your function, so that we can perform our own logistic assessment of your event.  

All of the guests, support staff (photographer, video, etc.), and wedding party are personally met with to achieve the most successful delivery of music services.

"I have been fortunate to have studied and trained as an apprentice under some of the most famous Billboard D.J.'s in the country.  I have provided music for personalities like Wolfman Jack, Herb Reed and the Platters, Jeff Healey, Little Suzie, Johnie-O, Sergio, and the Marvellete's. 

I truly appreciate your time today visiting this website."

Mathew Vangel- Master DJ Company Owner

Customer Services-

Pricing- packages start at $300.00

*All quotes include transportation costs.  Prices can vary depending on location, length of function, required sound reinforcement, overnight accommodations, labor, and lighting systems required. Equipment and song listings are available upon customer request.

  • Disc-Jockeys arrive hours early to functions

  • Family-Friendly Music Format (music without embarrassing content)

  • Pink Noise Analysis of room harmonics (computerized processor)

  • Dependable and Reliable Service

  • Disc-Jockeys exceed services requested to help you

  • Affordable and fair pricing

  • Music constantly monitored for loudness and quality

  • Song requests played quickly (1-4 minute request average)

  • Customer designs music programming

  • Audience is entertained and welcomed by a Master D.J.

  • Custom sound system for each event

  • Continuous music

  • High-Tech Multimedia LCD Projection System

  • Extensive DJ Communication Options

Enhanced Wedding Services-

  • Greek Wedding Songs

  • Christian Wedding Songs

  • Portuguese Wedding Songs

  • DISCO/Motown Theme Format by well-known 1970's D.J.'s

  • Custom Farewell Song Compact Disc

  • Power Point  Wedding "Storyboard" Presentation

  • Wedding Event Templates

  • Ceremony Format

  • Deliverable schedule 

  • Song lists are provided on website to download 

  • Wedding Music Management Experience- over 26 years

  • Wedding Packages reduce individual costs when multiple functions are booked (Rehearsal Dinner, Bridal Breakfast, Bridal Tea Party, Next Day Celebration Party)

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Specialty-  Nantucket Island Wedding Services 

  All Nantucket Island functions benefit from years of of extensive logistic
work with the island's local services, so that we are delivered to your function on time. The Master D.J. Company™ is dedicated to serve the island's functions for years to come with very fair pricing schedules.


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Nantucket's "Best Choices" for Function Facilities-

Jared Coffin House                  

Point Breeze Hotel

Our Equipment-

All of our systems are updated every 6 months, and is far superior to the consumer-grade D.J. Equipment being used today.

  • Redundant Sound System (one amplifier in each speaker)

  • Latest Sound and Lighting Equipment

  • High-Tech Multimedia Projection System (Video or Microsoft® Powerpoint Applications)


  Pro-Audio / Studio Broadcast Equipment Sales- 

· Audio Cabling (Mogami) 
· Audio Processors (DBX, Sabine, Symetrix) 
· Microphones (Shure, Marshall, Audio-Techinica)
· On-Air Studio Equipment
· Stands- Speaker / Instrument / Microphone (On-Stage)
· Speakers (EV, Bag End)  


Master DJ™ Certification Program

I created a certification process in 1975 that taught D.J.'s how to be Master DJs™, with a higher level of professionalism and skill. This certification course enables you to use the trademarked Master DJ™ title in your everyday business operations, and will demonstrate to your customers that you understand the best practices of sound provisioning developed from the experts.

*Note: Let it be known that we know there are many D.J.'s in the country who may have followed a more extensive method of D.J. education than us. We admit and understand that there are better D.J.'s elsewhere, and this makes us very respectful of these other music professionals.

A Master Disc-Jockey's™ Personality

  • You do not force-feed music education on dancers
  • When a request is made, it is queued immediately delineating EGO from the dancer's wishes
  • The dancer is the most important element
  • The tempo is continuously modified, which means not playing 6 songs at 110 BPM
  • Each day mixes and ideas are practiced over and over for at least one (1) hour per/day
  • You accept there are many D.J.'s more proficient than you in this skill, it could be the next young person coming into your booth tonight. There is always someone better spinning around the corner.
  • Sound Levels (air pressure) are monitored continuously, louder is not better.

Copyright© 1975-2005   
(Master D.J. Company™ and use of the term Master DJ™ are registered and legally protected).  Master D.J. is a trademarked registration of the Master D.J. Company. Unlawful duplication of this trademark will result in legal enforcement of this registration.

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